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Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Vacation Ideas - Idea #1 - Last Minute Air Fares

If you had the chance to go wherever, whenever, where would you go? Well, in this article, we're going to discuss a great way to find a deal online, as well as find a bargain on short notice to allow you to go anywhere in the world, anytime.

Finding Last Minute Air Fares

Finding last minute air fares for your "I need to get out of here" whim is actually not as difficult as you might think. Sure, it takes patience, and a little bit of time at first, but in the long-run, it's absolutely one of the easiest and most rewarding things you'll ever do for a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment vacations.

Start off by taking a look online for any deals or bargains that are just available. These are the "low hanging fruit" that are potentially available for you to browse and get great last minute air fares for your traveling plans. It's only after you've made the initial look that you can keep this momentum going to find great deals.

If you haven't found anything in your initial search, don't worry, there are other ways you can get good deals on last minute travel plans.

Try to look for auctions on places like eBay, and other 'bidding' type places for last-minute tickets.

Last minute websites are all over the internet. Discounts abound and some airlines even offer these deals online. What you need to look for to find these 'specials' are promotions or special discounts.

One risk you will have to fight, however, is that there is a particular problem with these places not offering any refunds because of their very low prices. This is why proper planning is in order. And where else could you find great family vacation planning ideas than here!

Take care!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disney American Idol Plans?

Hey there,

I love Disney, and if you've ever watched TV, you've heard about American Idol. Well, there seems to be a development between Disney's Hollywood Studios and American Idol to give YOU the stage!

It's an actual "reality ride" that allows you to audition and get up on stage.

If you'd like to read more, then go to:

Hope you have fun!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Top Rides at Disney World (Part 1)

I'm not going to lie, I'm a huge Disney World fan. That's why I am going to write down my top rides that you MUST go on, or plan to go on when you are in Orlando next. These are just the tip of the iceberg. More are coming later.

Keep in mind that these three rides are throughout the entire four parks of Disney World. That's HollyWood Studios, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Magic Kingdom.

So let's get started, shall we?

1. Soarin'

Soarin' is a great ride. Probably one of my favorites. It's not a super duper fast ride like some that you'll experience. But it's one of the greatest ways to relax that you'll ever feel as you soar over California.

The best way that I can recommend you go on Soarin' (since it's at EPCOT) is that you wait until mid-day. You'll be ready for a break anyways. Then, you go and get in line (the line is typically long - no way around it unless you get a "fast pass"). This ride will recharge you, and give you a much needed break from wandering around.

2. Buzz Lightyear's Adventure

This is hilarious with your entire family! It's like laser tag, only...not. Oh, and it's at the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrow Land.

You fight off the evil Emperor Zurg and his minions with Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story. You're taken through space and time as you fight for points. Make a great competition out of it! Say that the winner gets to choose the next ride. Add some spice to it.

3. Everest

Unless your a zoo kind of person, Animal Kingdom may hold very little appeal. However, with the new ride - Everest - being there, there's a lot more reason to go to Animal Kingdom than before.

Hitch a bus on over to the Animal Kingdom and get one the funnest rides (but even the little kids would love it) you've ever been on.

More to come!

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Hey there!

If you're considering visiting Detroit anytime soon, or have someone you're going to visit there, this video is probably going to be very interesting to you.

It outlines some of the new sights and things around Detroit that you probably are not aware of. Check it out! Click the link below to view the video. :)

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5 Tips to A Cheap Family Vacation

Okay, so you've got to get out of the house. Your job is getting to stressful, and your kids are antsy because they've got nothing to do

You decide: A vacation would be great.

And you're right! But what about all the planning and expense that goes into it?

Don't worry.

The following five tips will help you find out just how inexpensive a family vacation really can be, and you can get out and relax without worrying about breaking your bank account.

1. Look for something close to your home.

With the increasing cost of gas, people tend to spend a lot on traveling to their holiday spot. This can become a big expense when wanting to get out of town for a while; and when it comes to money, very few can relax on a big expensive vacation when they know they're burning fuel.

If you find an attractive location within 300 miles from your home, you can cut down on your traveling expenses and have an exciting, but cheap family vacation; even if it is for just a weekend.

If you live in a small rural town, and there's nothing close by that you can think of, do a quick search for parks, recreational lodges, and scenic routes on the internet close to your home. You'd be surprised at what you can find.

2. Take your own entertainment along.

If you pick a vacation rental or suite that allows for enough space to do so, you will have plenty of room to store your board games, roller skates, golf clubs, fishing gears so you won't have to spend money on renting new ones.

Also, taking along movies, and cards will allow your time to be able to spend evenings indoors rather than going out and spending money on recreation that would otherwise take you apart from one another.

3. Seek out free fun.

If you want a really cheap family vacation, try to find a destination with built-in activities, such as the mountains or the beach. This way you can have plenty of fun hiking or swimming, or simply admiring the splendid view.

4. Don't Eat Out.

If you want a cheap family vacation, eating in is a great idea. Research has shown that the average person on vacation spends more on food and drinks than on lodging. This can get really pricey after a while, especially if you haven't had time to save up for it.

If you choose a vacation rental, you can save a lot by cooking some meals yourself instead of dining out all the time.

5. Book into non-peak time.

It's easier to find cheap family vacation packages if you book your room during non-peak time. Non-peak time is usually before Memorial Day or at the end of the summer, before school starts.

These five tips are not the end of the many great ideas that you can use to have a great vacation on the cheap, but they are a great way to keep a mind on the price; especially if you just NEED to get out.

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Planning the Best Family Vacation

The first step in the vacationing process is the planning that goes into a great vacation.

It takes an extra creative flair to plan a family vacation, though. Have no fear, you can do it with these great tips in mind.

Start in advance:

There is such thing as a "last minute" family vacation. And you'll learn how to effectively execute, and maintain your composure through tips and tricks that I'll show you later on, but there is nothing wrong with planning everything in advance.

Planning in advance opens up the ability to be flexible, sensible, and realistic about your location, pricing, and projects while on vacation.

If you start well enough in advance, you can get great seats and show times to whatever functions are available in your desired vacation area, and you can also cancel on time if circumstances change.

This is an important part of the planning process, and should be considered first. As soon as you get the idea for a family vacation, you're going to want to start planning. That way, you can be realistic, and less stressed.

Find the Hot Deals:

If you're planning far enough ahead, you're more than likely going to be able to have a vast buffet of family vacation ideas to choose from, and you'll be able to purchase them when costs are low.

Choosing good deals and value vacation packages will also create a more lasting experience because you won't be worried about financial burdens, and you'll be more focused on relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

If you have one, ask your travel agent about specials on family packages, kids' discounts, or even free events in the area that you'll be staying. This will heighten the experience tremendously.

Let Everyone Plan with You:

If you allow your spouse, kids, and other vacationers join in with you in the planning, you'll find that they will bring a great deal of diversity to your vacationing options.

They'll also be able to dedicate time to their specific area of travel; they can help pack, they can offer to drive, and they'll be able to dedicate enough time to smaller, more detailed areas of the planning that might otherwise be overlooked.

Planning a family vacation all together is much more exciting and everyone has the chance to share his/her opinion with the others.

In addition, if your make your kids feel involved, they will probably be more satisfied with the decisions. Even teens will be much more open if they feel their opinion matters to you.

Overall, if you keep these basic planning ideas in your mind as you start your family vacation planning process, the vacation will be a lot smoother, and a lot more enjoyable for you and your family.

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